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Motel Relief Managers

Selecting your relief manager

Relief management has gained immense popularity as one of the most effective outsourcing strategies used to run a business. Especially in the hospitality and accommodation industry including management rights, motels, caravan parks and restaurants.

There are thousands of hospitality business owners and managers looking for some form of relief management. Sourcing reliable relief managers, motel relief managers or other management relief providers will give support for that required break.

It is a challenging task to choose the right person or persons to perform your management relief. Given the fact that you are handing over the keys to your livelihood. In some cases, with minimal knowledge of incumbent’s conduct, work ethic, honesty or professionalism.

Contracting Carol and Guy as your relief management will ensure your best interests are always at the forefront. All requirements pertaining to the position will be completed in a very professional, honest and ethical manner.

It goes without saying when seeking a relief manager you perform your own investigation and due diligence. When conducting your investigation, some of the questions that you may need to ask include:

Experience and references required for relief managers

Ask about previous experience and relevant references in the same employment fields. This will help you decipher a person’s capability to manage your business. Make enquiries on whether they have ever run their own motel, caravan park or any other related business. Positive information about past performances in similar fields is very important during the selection process.

Cost per day

Examine the cost of their services and whether it is in line with expected relevant experience and skills. More so, ensure that your business can afford the additional management costs. Especially if the required relief management service is a long term basis.

The sixth sense

It is important you have a positive impression about the person you are about to employ. If your prospective relief manager does not excite you on the phone or during interview, then it’s probable they will not enthuse your clients or guests.

Please contact us should you require reliable and honest relief while you take a break. Check our availability to ensure we can cover your time away from the business.

Relief Managers

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