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Carol & Guy Smith – Motel Relief Managers

Following is a brief overview of our personal skills and experience pertaining to the motel relief managers role. #ReliefMotelManagers

Carol and I were proprietors of the Bayside Motel and Restaurant in Batemans Bay NSW managing the business for five years from 2009 to 2014. The motel consisted of a licensed restaurant/conference area, 26 motel rooms and 4 self-contained units.

We left Batemans Bay at the completion of our lease in June 2014 and travelled to Cairns to catch up with family. While living in Cairns I was employed as Manager of Oak Tree Retirement Village which consists of 77 independent living villas.

Especially relevant management responsibilities have included the maintenance of budgets and reports, villa sales, overseeing maintenance and gardening procedures.  The manager is also responsible for overseeing the construction of new villas within the village in addition to normal duties.

Cairns City Plaza Apartments

Ideal accommodation when staying in Cairns

While in Cairns, Carol has relieved as manager at Cairns City Plaza Apartments, a local 24 room motel similar to the Bayside.

Prior employment

During the past 20 years I have been self-employed in a number of my own hospitality, real estate, retail and customer service related businesses. In the years prior to and during my involvement with the Bayside Motel, I conducted my own real estate brokerage business selling motels in New South Wales. My initial real estate grounding was with First National Real Estate in Batemans Bay as a residential salesperson.

Prior to venturing into real estate, we owned and concurrently operated two supermarkets in Batemans Bay spanning over a period of ten years. We were both actively involved and responsible for ensuring the correct administration of all functional facets and expectations associated with those businesses.

As relief managers / management couple we would be in a similar situation to our previous employ in running the day to day operations at any accommodation establishment.

Business Attributes
  • Desire and ability to grow a business and meet the daily challenges of a motel business
  • High level of professionalism in Guest Customer Services
  • Able to train and lead staff in a positive way
  • Ability to market, find and secure new business in a competitive environment
  • Keen to build new and maintain current business Networking Relationships
  • Experience in managing a motel and attending to issues in a timely and professional manner
  • Willingness to market the business locally, attract and manage new accommodation, as well as promoting meetings/conferences accommodation packages.
  • High level of organizational skills in Office and administration management

Additionally, Carol and I are both highly computer literate and should have no problem in adapting to any operating software program. We have been responsible for the administration and implementation of all software programs associated with our previous businesses.

As a former motel owner and business owner/manager, I understand the importance of displaying outstanding customer service and impeccable management skills. Also very accomplished in communication with customers, staff, contractors and the general public on all issues.

Therefore, I am certain that we bring a wealth of trust, knowledge and proficiency for the relief manager position. Especially in the areas of customer service, organisational requirement, marketing, sales, financial control and any other relevant duty.

Other management qualities we have acquired over the years and are applicable to the relief manager position include:

Skills & Experience
  • Broad based business sale skills
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Relevant management experience
  • Demonstrated ability to lead, motivate & develop people
  • Excellent organisational ability
  • Strong customer service and safety focus
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Flexible and able to adapt to change

Please feel free to call Carol or myself at any time to discuss the requirements of your relief manager position.
The calendar on the availability page indicates our availability for the upcoming months.


Guy Smith

Guy & Carol Smith