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Online Bookings Closure Time

Online Bookings Closure Time Should Cease When Motel Reception Closes

There are several reasons why motel online bookings closure time should cease when the reception closes:

Security concerns:

If the reception is not open, accepting motel bookings online can lead to more security risks. Without someone on duty to monitor who is coming and going, there is a higher likelihood of unauthorized access to the motel and potential safety risks to guests.

Lack of customer service:

If a guest encounters a problem with their booking or needs assistance during their stay, there may not be anyone available to help them. This could result in a negative experience for the guest, which could ultimately harm the motel’s reputation.

Administrative issues:

When customers make online bookings outside of reception hours, it can cause administrative problems for the motel. For example, the staff may not have access to the necessary information to process the booking, which could lead to errors and delays.

Potential revenue loss:

If the motel doesn’t have round-the-clock staff, customers can make bookings over the phone or in person while the reception is open. Allowing online bookings when the reception is closed may mean the motel misses out on potential revenue.

Overall, online bookings can be a convenient way for guests to make reservations. It’s not the preferred choice for motels that are not staffed 24/7. Potential risks and issues can arise when the reception is closed. Similarly, the safety and satisfaction of staff and guests should always be top of the priority list.