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Relief Motel Managers Duties

Main Duties of a Relief Motel Manager

As a relief motel manager in Queensland, Australia, your duties may vary depending on the specific requirements of the motel you are managing. However, here are 20 potential relief motel managers duties you may be responsible for:

Ensuring the smooth operation of the motel during your shift.

Managing the front desk, including checking guests in and out, managing reservations, and handling payments.

Coupled with responding to guest inquiries and complaints in a professional and timely manner.

Maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of the motel.

Coordinating housekeeping staff to ensure that guest rooms are cleaned and maintained to a high standard.

As well as ordering supplies and managing inventory.

Managing staff schedules and ensuring adequate coverage for all shifts.

Ensuring compliance with all applicable health and safety regulations i.e (Worksafe Qld).

Conducting regular inspections of the property to identify any maintenance or repair issues that need to be addressed.

Coordinating maintenance and repairs with outside contractors as needed.

Keeping accurate records of financial transactions and generating reports as needed.

Developing and implementing policies and procedures to improve efficiency and guest satisfaction.

In addition, managing the motel’s social media accounts and online reputation.

Implementing and enforcing security measures to protect guests and property.

Handling emergency situations, such as fires, power outages, and medical emergencies.

Coordinating with local tourism authorities to promote the motel and local attractions.

Ensuring compliance with all applicable labour laws and regulations.

Occasionally conducting performance reviews and providing feedback to staff as needed.

From time to time participating in staff training and development programs.

Performing other relief motel managers duties as assigned by the motel owner or management team.